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Wednesday June 27 2007

Project is discontinued.

Tuesday October 18 2005:

Released 0.3.0.

  + Upgraded protocol to MSNP11
  + Added a bar for showing latest server message
  + No limit of how many contacts you can have (dynamically allocated)
  + Much improved multi-principal support
  + Added "Invite principal" menu item
  % Patched another cause of terminal freeze
  % Fixed all warnings when compiling
  % Code clean-up

Wednesday August 10 2005:

Released 0.2.4 today.

 + Shortcut keys are now typed with alt-<something>
 + Power functions (block/unblock/remove all contacts)
 % Fixed a bug which caused tmsnc to hang
 % Cleaned some ugly code

Tuesday July 12 2005:

Some bugfixes.

 + Wrote a replacement function for fgets() that doesn't require a (FILE *) pointer
 + Improved quitting routines, ctrl-C can now be used everywhere in the program
 % Resizing works in the login screen again
 % Re-coded large portions of the core functions (improved stability)
 % Re-coded function for retrieving the contact-list
 % Fixed a bug where not all contacts were loaded into the contact-list
 % Fixed an iconv related bug
 % Zero the password field after failed login

Sunday July 03 2005:

This version has UTF-8 support :)

 + UTF-8 support!
 + Added color to the timestamps
 + Added 'Redraw interface' menu item
 + Changed the color of the TMSNC logo to blue (meaningless)
 + Added seeding routine for the SSL
 + F7 and F8 rotate the focus in the interface
 + Added translation for brazilian portuguese (pt_BR)
 + Re-coded timeout routines for retrieving the contact list
 % Removed a segfault in the login process

Sunday June 05 2005:

Released 0.2.1 today with some feature enhancements and bug-fixes. Tomorrow it has been a year since I posted the first news in this section :)

 + Added talkfilter support
 + Added sound support
 + ctrl-e and then a number 1-9 switches between open conversations
 + Added -i option for specifying the initial status on login
 + Block/Un-block/Delete now takes the contact marked on the list
 + Added colors to the menu to improve visibility
 + Better error-handling when sending invalid messages etc.
 % Now compiles on BSD again
 % Fixed bug where messages appeared in wrong windows
 % Fixed some color issues in the conversation list

Monday May 16 2005:

After months of silence I can now happily announce a new release of TMSNC, namely 0.2.0. Following changes have been made:

 + Total rewriting of the interface
   (kept core functions only)
 + Autologging of conversations
 + Gettext support (translators needed!)
 + Rewritten documentation
 + Shortcut keys (only close conversation so far)
 + Nicer colors in the contact list
 + Green means new message in conversation list
 + Custom nicknames support
 + Outdated configuration file warnings
 + The login screen is now a part of the ncurses interface
 + Automatically answer to the QNG messages from the server
 % Removed the library
 % Fixed an issue with the authentication
 % There will be no more missing messages

0.2.1 will probably be released pretty soon because I'm sure there are bugs to be discovered as this version is completely re-coded from scratch (well almost..).

Tuesday Mar 15 2005:

Uploaded some Debian packages of v0.2.0b. Thanks to SigmaX for making the packages!

Friday Feb 18 2005:

Released version 0.2.0b:

 + Sound support! :) (see tmsnc.conf)
 + Restructured sourcecode (now libcmsn + tmsnc)
 + Colors can now be entered in RGB format in tmsnc.conf
 % Fixed problem with passwords containing weird symbols
 % Logging now works, use the '/log' command
 % Fixed and issue with auto-login
 % Fixed 'make' incompatability on BSD systems

Friday Jan 14 2005:

Released version 0.1.5 today with the following changes made:

 + Auto-invite principal if the person has left and you
   are sending a new message.
 + Command history (use left and right arrows)
 + Your status is always shown in the interface
 % Re-use windows really works this time
 % The contact-list is updated and sorted properly

Monday Dec 13 2004:

Today it is the day of Santa Lucia and that we celebrate with some bugfixes.. yeay! In this release I focused on the interface, I tried to eliminate most bugs and glitches that I was aware of.. Here's the ChangeLog:

 + Added '/invite' command
 + Change colors in the UI by editing tmsnc.conf
 % Resizing is prettier
 % Removed some UI glitches in the contact-list
 % Segfault on empty contact-list removed
 % Got rid of newline in the console window

Friday Dec 3 2004:

Version 0.1.3 of TMSNC was released today!! Many changes this time;

 + Talkfilters (b1ff, chef, drawl, jive, pirate,
   postmodern, warez)
 + Configure script added
 + Added gnu_getpass so the GNU zealots don't freak out
 + Moved configuration to .tmsnc/tmsnc.conf
 + Re-use windows (dedicated to DJHyperbyte)
 + Sorted contact-list
 + Auto-login capability
 + Code clean-up and reformating

Many thanks to all the people that has helped out.

Sunday Nov 14 2004:

Version 0.1.2 of TMSNC was release today!
Mostly bug-fixes in this release..

 + Send away-message automatically
   (added entry for it in ~/.tmsnc)
 + Some interface enhancements from Alien:
    (1) It is now possible to use tmsnc on terminals with
        black text on white background.
    (2) The contact list is updated on every contact status
    (3) Removed the empty line between messages in a chat
 % Multilined messages are now displayed.
 % A couple of segfaults removed

There you go!

Friday Nov 5 2004:

I'm happy to announce version 0.1.1 of TMSNC
New features includes (but are not limited to):

 + Major facelift with scrollable contact-list
 + Pressing 'Return' initiates chat session with marked
 + Add/Remove/Block contacts
 + Timestamps
 + '/logging ' toggles logging on and off
 + Resizable windows (SIGWINCH handler)
 + F7 or '/window close' closes current window
 + Now comes with a manual! :D


Wednesday Oct 27 2004:

I got resizing to work properly, it will be included in the next release. I also fixed a bug which caused an error "out of memory" to occur when there really was no error. For that I have already updated version 0.1.0 so if you had that problem, try do download v0.1.0 and you'll hopefully be fine.

Monday Oct 11 2004:

Recoding large portions of the code since there are lots of memory faults related to the excessive use of malloc. Future versions should be more stable. - Sanoi

Friday Oct 7 2004:

Beta released today!

 + = Feature added
 - = Feature removed
 % = Bugfix

Version 0.1.0b
 + International character support
 + Change status
 + Change nickname
 + Formatted messages
 + Configuration file (~/.tmsnc)
 + In TMSNC Config: initial status and message format
 % Don't send empty messages

- Sanoi

Tuesday Sep 28 2004:

Well well, soon we are there, the first release.. Now you can join conversations, send and recieve messages, browse your different conversations using a windowing system made in NCurses' panel library and retrieve notifications when someone logs in/out. You can also login with a non hotmail/msn account now. I didn't go with Gf3's layout for the interface, it sure looked nice but my existing one was too intergrated in the code so it would have been a hassle to change. Instead I modified my own one. What is left to do before I will release the source code is to add the following features: add contact, accept people adding you, change status, change name and close conversation. - Sanoi

Friday Sep 10 2004:

I'm accually starting to believe this project is going somewhere. Gf3 from BlackMatrix Networks (bm3.org) has made a NCurses interface which will replace my temporary irssi-like one. I've done lots of new stuff, now you can see whether someone is online/away/idle etc, you'll get e-mail notifications from Hotmail and TMSNC now also handles the bitchy challenges sent by the msn server every now and then. An alpha-release isn't too far away. - Sanoi

Thursday Aug 5 2004:

Major update, load_userlist() is completed and you are now able to set your presence status again. We should be ready to start writing the interface soon. - Sanoi

Thursday Jul 1 2004:

Done some work in the load_userlist function, the timeout now works correctly. - Sanoi

Tuesday Jun 8 2004:

Made some changes in main.c so now tmsnc uses getopt() to parse the arguments given to the program. Added a check for updates function. - Sanoi

Sunday Jun 6 2004:

The authentication process now works after a complete rewrite in the openssl library instead of in libcurl. You can also set your presence status with success. Currently working on how to load the user list. - Sanoi